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I'm Stephanie Reid-Noe

Digital Products Creator, Front End Developer,
Volleyball Junkie, Social Marketing

Results-driven professional with a diverse background in sports management, property management, IT development, and education. Demonstrated success in managing sports information, property operations, and software development projects. Adept at building strong relationships with stakeholders, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and delivering exceptional results. Known for effective communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

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Front End Developer & IT Director: Proficient in JavaScript, PHP, React, and Angular. Designed and developed responsive websites, managed IT infrastructure, and created AI chat bots for improved customer communication. Utilized target marketing strategies and managed online ads to boost business growth.

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Southern Careers Institute


Full Stack Web Development

Full-stack software development program. Foundations built with CSS, HTML, JS, jQuery, AJAX, DOM Manipulation, React, Angular, Responsive App design, Agile Project Management, Web Security and GitHub usage.

Western Governor's University


Bachelor's of Science Nursing

Bio-Chemistry & Med Dose Tutor. I was on the Dean’s List before having to leave the program during COVID. 

Southern Illinois University - Carboondale

2006 - 2008

Bachelor of Science Microbiology

Microbiology, Forensic Science, ARMY ROTC

Developmental Certificates

Content Marketing Foundations

Intro To Data Analytics

Humble Leadership

Operations Management

WordPress Development With Bootstrap

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Web Design
UI / UX Design
Content Design
Graphic Illustration
Brand & Digital Marketing


Big Red Productions

2013 - Present

Contract Front End Developer - Contract IT Director - UX/UI Designer - Media Ads & Marketing

Mississippi Post Grad Academy

2022- 2023

Sports Information Director

      – Designs, writes, and oversees the production of printed promotional materials including catalogs, brochures, flyers, and program and media guides.
      – Writes and edits promotional materials including press releases, newsletters, programs, and brochures; gathers and compiles statistical information.
      – Responds to requests for information from media personnel and the public; distributes promotional materials, including flyers, brochures, and press kits; disseminates information via the appropriate media.
      – Plans, coordinates, and manages special events.
      – Manages and supervises personnel to including hiring and performance management; provides guidance and training to personnel.
      – Travels with academy teams; provides information to representatives of the opponent’s sports information office about the team, including updating starting lineups.
      – Coordinates and produces financial, budget, and other special reports, proposals, and analyses for management.
      – Serves on committees which recommend, coordinate, and implement changes and/or improvements in fiscal controls, policies, procedures, and/or financial and human resource management systems.
      – Develops and maintains close contact with local media and those who cover our region; organizes press conferences, sets up individual interviews, responds to questions, and provides results and statistics.
      – Organizes and supervises photo sessions for all sports to provide head and shoulder photos of athletes and posed action shots
       – As an IT Professional, creating and managing a technology stack to serve and automate business.
      – Created AI Chat Bots for direct communication with prompt flows.
      – Builds Google Drive and integrates other Google Workplace Apps
      – Assigns user roles and maintains security for all cyber outlets
      – Designed, develop, and maintains the company website
      – Social Ads with target marketing.
      – Motivational, sales activity, closing, and negation training.
Coach Reid's Blue Thunder

2013- 2023

Head Coach - Director USAV Blue Thunder

  • Led all aspects of volleyball coaching, student deployment and recruiting
  • Provided leadership, supervision and direction for assigned staff members and teams
  •  Planned, assigned and reviewed work, established goals for each player position and assessed performance
  •  Responsible for development of program goals, short term and long range program schedule forecasting and monitoring execution of objectives to achieve metrics
  •  Coordinates logistics for events, which includes: paperwork, compliance, itineraries, meetings, logding, transportation, food location, etc.
  •  Holds high performance camp in London, Paris and Barcelona
Wabash Valley College

2022 - 2023

Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach

  • Coached players about proper form, performance-enhancing techniques, and sportsmanship.
  • Participated in recruiting efforts, making an immediate impact of the acquisition of talent based on my connections within the volleyball community.
  • Created checklists for Pre-Season, Post-Season, Pre-Game Home, Pre-Game Away, Recruit Visits, Signing Day, and Move-In Day requirements.
  •  Filed PO Requisition requests for approval by the powers that be.
  • Created a Drill Handbook with drills that are specific to our strengths, weaknesses, and head coach requests for development. To include data charts for drills to quantify improvement.
  •  Created a Post-Season and Pre-Season calendar of tasks broken down in a monthly set of goals and tasks.
  • Continuously honored my commitment to the guidelines and mission of the college.
  • My core group have all received recognitions such as All Tournament, All South, All Conference, MVP and the majority have also received scholarship offers to play at the collegiate level.
  • Kept a current inventory of all equipment
  • Obtained authorization to replace and/or obtain necessary equipment for the season
  • Made inquiries into the overall budget and expenditures
  • Completed travel vouchers, per diem requests
  • Assisted in inquiring about non conference tournament and additional non conference matches
  • Assisted in fundraising brainstorming and implementation
Southern Careers Institute - Volunteer

2023- Present

Extern Education Mentor

  • As an education mentor, students who go through my Business Administration Externship are given a 5 week 16 hour work load. I design each program with an essential core, then add functions that are indicative of the student’s future goals and/or strengths.


  • Topics include, but are not limited to:


    • Marketing, sales training, and content management.
    • Expenditure reporting and financial understanding.
    • Content creation and best practices.
    • SEO fundamentals and optimization.
    • User Experience (UX) design principles.
    • Marketing trend data analysis.
    • Presentation creation and effective communication.
    • Canva graphic design skills.
      Social media scheduling and management with tools like Social Pilot.
    • Keyword research for content optimization.
    • Career coaching and goal-setting.
    • Collaborative project work.
    • Motivation and confidence-building.
    • Sharing industry insights and trends.
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